Mary Norton

Mary Norton instructs the following:
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Too many things to do...not enough time! Need some time out? Come join Mary on Friday mornings. Through short talks, yoga, interactive discussions, guided breathing and meditative experiences, we will explore ways to help focus the mind and bring mindful attention to each moment. We will learn how to begin and sustain a meditation practice. Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome!

  • Mindful Yoga and Meditation
  • This class is appropriate for all levels. Students will explore the subtleties of alignment, breath and sensory awareness in preparation for a period of seated meditation. Yoga class will be 90 minutes followed by an optional 1/2 hour of meditation - both walking and seated. The meditation is only for students who attend the Mindful Yoga class.

  • Gentle Yoga for South Shore Peer Recovery
  • Studio143 is offering another Gentle Yoga Class to the South Shore Peer Recovery community. Both people in recovery and their family members are welcome to attend. The class will be taught by Mary Norton, accompanied by Kathy Duggan. In this class, Mary will offer a gentle practice; easing students into yoga poses with lots of warm-up stretches for all levels of experience…even newcomers! Kathy Duggan will assist Mary with adjustments in poses and suggestions for alternatives. Kathy will also offer acupuncture a couple of times during the class. She will use needles on points in the body to promote peace, relaxation and harmony within. Gentle massage and hands-on adjustments will be offered throughout the class. Participants may opt out of any portion of the class, if they desire. Mats and props will be provided. You are also welcome to bring your own.