Cait Simmons

Cait Simmons loves all aspects of yoga but especially appreciates that it offers endless opportunities for learning and exploration of the mind, body, and spirit. She is 200hr certified by the National Yoga Alliance through Sacred Space Yoga School, trained in the Yoga Birth Method style of prenatal yoga, and certified as a children's yoga instructor through Open Doors and ChildLight Yoga/Yoga 4 Classrooms. Cait teaches adult, prenatal, and children's yoga classes in studios throughout the South Shore. She tries to infuse empathy, energy, and fun into her practice while always keeping a strong focus on the breath and body alignment. When she isn't on her mat, Cait enjoys cooking healthy meals, gardening, running, riding horses, and spending time with her family.

Cait Simmons instructs the following:
  • Heated Vinyasa Flow
  • These classes link postures to balance the body and clear the energy channels in order to fully experience the energetic effects of the practice. Inhalations are linked to moves expanding the front of the body, creating lightness. Exhalations are linked to movements that engage the abdomen and create stability. The breath used in Flow/Vinyasa, ujjayi pranayama or whisper breath, creates a vibration across the soft palate of the mouth, warming the breath as it enters the body.

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • A gentle flow class suitable for prenatal and postnatal women. This class will connect students with their bodies in preparation for or to recover from birth. All levels.

  • Slow Gentle Flow
  • This 60 minute session begins with centering and warm ups, then moves to a soft vinyasa (flowing sequence - movement with breath). Sun salutations are included, and asanas are held slightly longer in this class. Slow Flow Yoga also involves abdominal strengthening and a standing sequence. Floor work includes hip openers, gentle backbends, and gentle inversions are explored. The Slow Flow Yoga sessions ends with a period of cooling and deep relaxation (shavasana). Modifications and props are always available to assist with flexibility.

  • Half Run/Half Yoga

  • Heated Vinyasa Flow