Function and Flow Vinyasa


Jennifer Yarro


Saturday, October 28, 2018

1:00 to 3:30 pm


Are you ready to finesse the details of your vinyasa yoga practice? Are you looking for a way to balance strength & flexibility and to move with greater ease on the mat? Are you a yoga teacher who is ready to up-level your cueing with a deeper awareness of alignment? Join us for this explorative workshop!
The Sanskrit word "vinyasa" translates as "to thread." This definition speaks to the importance of transitions in a vinyasa practice, as poses are "threaded" or linked together by the breath. Oftentimes during vinyasa yoga, we focus on "arriving" in the pose rather than bringing our full awareness to the joy of the transition, the moment in between. Moving slowly and sometimes repetitively through transitions rather than with momentum or haste creates balanced strength & flexibility, prevents common yoga injuries, builds endurance, and sets us up for optimal alignment once in a posture.
As joints are the "transition zone" or meeting place for all major bones/muscles/nadis in the body, we will look at the basic function and form of the joints to inform our discussion of intelligent vinyasa flow. We will begin with a brief discussion of anatomy, then move through an active yoga flow practice to experiment, listen, and support our individual structure with attention to the joints and transitioning ease fully.
This workshop is recommended for those who have a moderate-advanced practice.


Cost: $40




Core Rehab & Yoga Modifications for Abdominal Separation (Diastasis) 

Sunday, March 11, 2018 

1–3:00 PM


Diastasis Recti is a common condition affecting many pregnant and postpartum women. Please join licensed Physical Therapist and Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation Specialist, Nadine Adams, for this hands-on workshop. Here's what to expect for this event: 

*Participants will learn how to manage Diastasis Recti during day to day activities.
*Learn about common conditions that can be associated with Diastasis like low back/hip pain & stress incontinence.
*Receive a Diastasis & Core function screen at the event.
*Education on the Do’s and Don’ts to prevent worsening of the separation.
*Take home exercises and management tips to help heal Diastasis.
*Focus on modifications during various yoga postures


$30 per person 


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Spring Awakening - Yin Acoustic Flow


Trish Hart

Sunday, April 8, 2018

6:00 to 7:30 pm


Get ready to glow from the inside out! Please join Trish Hart, RYT 500 and Matt Hendison for an evening of live music, beautiful ambiance, hands-on assists, aromatherapy, yin yoga and guided meditation. Spring is the perfect time for renewal by waking up both your physical and energetic body!Yin yoga is a quiet and simple practice that works deeply into our body targeting the connective tissues…our ligaments, joints, bones and deep fascia. Every pose will be a journey to explore, while you will be moving into a deeper state of surrendering and relaxation. In this special workshop, we will focus our practice on both the liver and gall bladder meridians of Chinese medicine to detoxify, cleanse and return homeostasis to the body. The output… balanced emotions, better sleep, strong immunity, and a beautiful healthy glow!


Cost: $35


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Spiritual Chakra Renewal:a VIN/YIN Flow


Amber Gregory and Aynsley Forsythe

Saturday, April 21

2:00 to 4:30 pm


Vin/Yin Flow with a focus on Chakras 4-7
Please join Amber Gregory, Certified Yoga Teacher and founder of and Aynsley Forsythe, RN, BSN and Reiki Master for a guided discussion around the spiritual energy centers. Amber will guide students through a 75 minute Vin/Yin Flow while Aynsley will lead some dynamic breathing exercises, meditation techniques and offer group reiki therapy.This is an all levels class and is open to the public. Participants are invited to join Amber and Aynsley from 4:30-5 for tea, snacks and community.


Cost: $50 Early bird special/$65 day of workshop


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