Mindful Meditation 

Feeling overwhelmed? Too many things to do...not enough time! Need some time out? Come join Mary for Mindful Meditation. Through short talks, yoga, interactive discussions, guided breathing and meditative experiences, we will explore ways to help focus the mind and bring mindful attention to each moment. We will learn how to begin and sustain a meditation practice. Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome!

Mindful Yoga Meditation

This class is appropriate for all levels. Students will explore the subtleties of alignment, breath and sensory awareness in preparation for a period of seated meditation. Yoga class will be 90 minutes followed by an optional 1/2 hour of meditation - both walking and seated. The meditation is only for students who attend the Mindful Yoga class.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga uses postures (asanas) and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. There are many styles of Hatha Yoga. Some use a specific series of postures; others use a flow of movements, while some may use props such as blocks or belts to assist a posture or maximize a stretch. All styles of Hatha Yoga, however, encourage proper alignment of the body and bring balance, strength, and calmness to the practitioner. Our Hatha Yoga classes are based on the classic and ancient practices with attention to alignment and the deeper layers of yoga.

Level 1 Flow

This power vinyasa yoga class focuses on the foundations of power yoga - alignment, physical conditioning and mindfulness. This class is appropriate for students of all levels.


Vinyasa Flow*

These classes link postures to balance the body and clear the energy channels in order to fully experience the energetic effects of the practice. Inhalations are linked to moves expanding the front of the body, creating lightness. Exhalations are linked to movements that engage the abdomen and create stability. The breath used in Flow/Vinyasa, ujjayi pranayama or whisper breath, creates a vibration across the soft palate of the mouth, warming the breath as it enters the body.

Slow Flow

This 60 minute session begins with centering and warm ups, then moves to a soft vinyasa (flowing sequence - movement with breath). Sun salutations are included, and asanas are held slightly longer in this class. Slow Flow Yoga also involves abdominal strengthening and a standing sequence. Floor work includes hip openers and gentle backbends, and gentle inversions are sometimes explored. The Slow Flow Yoga sessions ends with a period of cooling and deep relaxation (savasana). Modifications and props are always available to assist with flexibility.

SPA Yoga

SPA yoga is a 75 minute slow flow class which is done on the floor. In restorative poses, the energy flow through the body‘s senses is stimulated creating deeper inner awareness and leaving the practitioner with a “blissed out” feeling. Set in a calming candlelit room filled with delightful scents and beautiful music in the back ground, students will be offered assists for ultimate comfort in poses, gentle touch and massage, at your discretion. We will end with a relaxing 15 minute guided meditation. Be prepared to feel like you just walked out of a spa! This class is appropriate for students from beginners to advanced.

Power Yoga*

Power Yoga is a challenging, vigorous and empowering class. Plenty of options are given throughout each class so that you can modify and adapt to meet the needs of your body. This practice will sculpt and detoxify your body while awakening your mind.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more yang experiences such as power and vinyasa flow yoga, pilates, barre and other more aerobic activities. It is the approach in yin yoga that is different - poses are largely the same, but poses are held for longer periods, in relative stillness, at a point between edge and ease - with the ultimate goal of reaching deep connective tissues and ligaments of the body. Energy (chi) is also released and circulated throughout the body through this practice and a more inward looking approach is taken - ultimately preparing the mind and body for meditation.

Yin for Chakras

Cultures around the world have different methods of moving universal life force/energy. The Japanese move Ki through Reiki (laying on the hands), in India and now throughout the world through Yoga we move and control Prana through the breath (Pranayama) and the Chinese move Qi (‘Chee’) through Tai Chi.

In this practice, we will use Yin poses, held for 3-5 minutes each, to unblock Qi in Meridian lines of the body. The main difference between this practice and a traditional Yan practice (think Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Yoga) is that we are not trying to use muscle, but rather gently work the ligaments and connective tissue. This practice also allows the practitioner to just 'be' with oneself and all the sensations that arise in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Yin and Flow

This class is a fusion of Yin and Yang Yoga. Yin yoga addresses the tightness and toxin buildup in the joints and connective tissue. Poses are held in stillness for several minutes at a time, using props to make the practice accessible to all students. Students will transition into a flow that will introduce alignment of posture, attention to breathing and fluidity. Students will learn basic yoga postures and breathing techniques as they learn to move from one pose to another while aiming for a deep body awareness. Through flowing practice, heat is naturally and safely created within the body to warm, soothe, heal and strengthen the student from the inside out.

Yahweh Yin Yoga

Yin yoga class set to uplifting contemporary Christian music, quiet meditation or prayer time while holding each asana. Infused with encouraging devotions, essential oils and hands on assists leaving the practitioner feeling a peaceful bliss while gaining flexibility and practicing stillness. Open to all yogis at all levels! 


Set to fun and energetic music, each class incorporates an upper body workout with weights and a combination of high-intensity sequences of thigh, seat and core exercises at the Barre. A stretching section to create long, lean muscle without bulk, follows each strength section of this workout. These are challenging, no impact classes that require focus and precision for maximum results. Each class is designed for you to feel invigorated, challenged and inspired.

Barre Fusion

This class is a combination of Barre, yoga and Pilates mat work. Students will explore various props such as weights, balls, circles to sculpt your arms, legs and glutes while strengthening your core muscles. This class is for all levels, and no experience is necessary.


Pilates is a series of exercises that develop core abdominal muscles and strengthen the back. Props, such as: stability balls, resistance rings, thera-bands and light weights may be used in class.

Pilates Fusion

Pilates fusion is a combination of Pilates mat work, yoga and Barre. Light free weights and other props are sometimes used. 

Pilates Sculpt

Do you want to add variety to your workout routine? Let's have some fun with Pilates as we explore various props such as weights, balls, circles and even a little bit of Barre to sculpt your arms, legs and glutes while strengthening your core to give you that long, lean Pilates look. This class is for all levels, and no experience is necessary.

Prenatal Yoga

A gentle flow class suitable for prenatal and postnatal women. This class will connect students with their bodies in preparation for or to recover from birth. All levels.

∗The studio will be heated for these classes