Kelly Brennan Dwight

I graduated BC with a BS in Finance and worked in the corporate world for 7 years before following my true passion and making fitness my career. I've been a certified personal trainer for 21 years, a certified Pilates instructor for 14 (both mat and equipment) through BalancePoint Pilates,and a registered yoga teacher through Finding Inner Peace for 4 years. I also recently obtained a barre certification. Having been a weight lifter for most of my adult life, an injury forced me to find a gentler approach to fitness which led me to yoga. Yoga provides a balance of strength, flexibility, focus, and breath. Pilates is a fantastic core strengthener for every athlete. I love the versatility of teaching classes because I can tailor them to any level and ability. I love sharing these practices and find that I learn just as much from my students as they from me. 

Kelly Brennan Dwight instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yin yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more yang experiences such as power and vinyasa flow yoga, pilates, barre and other more aerobic activities. It is the approach in yin yoga that is different - poses are largely the same, but poses are held for longer periods, in relative stillness, at a point between edge and ease - with the ultimate goal of reaching deep connective tissues and ligaments of the body. Energy (chi) is also released and circulated throughout the body through this practice and a more inward looking approach is taken - ultimately preparing the mind and body for meditation.