Susan Browne

Susan Browne instructs the following:
  • Heated Vinyasa Flow
  • These classes link postures to balance the body and clear the energy channels in order to fully experience the energetic effects of the practice. Inhalations are linked to moves expanding the front of the body, creating lightness. Exhalations are linked to movements that engage the abdomen and create stability. The breath used in Flow/Vinyasa, ujjayi pranayama or whisper breath, creates a vibration across the soft palate of the mouth, warming the breath as it enters the body.

  • Warm Vinyasa Flow

  • Mellow Flow with Thai Yoga Stretching
  • This non-vinyasa, stress-releasing class focuses on increasing both flexibility and joint mobility, creating an enlivening and blissful experience for body and mind. Students will move through a series of postures incorporating breath and slow flow movements that will be enhanced by Thai yoga stretching assists-gentle or deep, depending on students needs and abilities. The practice concludes with a meditation or guided visualization and deep relaxation. This class is suitable for practitioners at all levels, from those with little yoga experience to advanced students looking for a less vigorous class to those recovering from an injury.