Cassie Defrees

Cassie Defrees instructs the following:
  • A Blissful Evening in Stillness w/Reiki
  • Come experience time out just for you, an opportunity for you to explore Yin yoga and Reiki on a deeper level. Where we’ll open up the body, mind and heart on a physical, emotional and energetic level. By exploring yin yoga postures that relax and energize body, mind and heart this will bring greater ease and depth to your meditation practice. We will practice staying in observation rather than reacting. Encouraging within ourselves the gift of being rather than doing. You will create space in both mind and body as you release in deep surrender. We will also experience pranayama, meditation and deep yoga nidra followed by light appetizers and wine after savasana in the silks.

  • Yahweh Yin Yoga
  • Yin yoga class set to uplifting contemporary Christian music, quiet meditation or prayer time while holding each asana. Infused with encouraging devotions, essential oils and hands on assists leaving the practitioner feeling a peaceful bliss while gaining flexibility and practicing stillness. Open to all yogis at all levels! 

  • Yin for Chakras
  • Cultures around the world have different methods of moving universal life force/energy. The Japanese move Ki through Reiki (laying on the hands), in India and now throughout the world through Yoga we move and control Prana through the breath (Pranayama) and the Chinese move Qi (‘Chee’) through Tai Chi.
    In this practice, we will use Yin poses, held for 3-5 minutes each, to unblock Qi in Meridian lines of the body. The main difference between this practice and a traditional Yan practice (think Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Yoga) is that we are not trying to use muscle, but rather gently work the ligaments and connective tissue. This practice also allows the practitioner to just 'be' with oneself and all the sensations that arise in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.