Inversions Workshop

This class is taught by:

Anna Mara Paiva

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Anna has been active her whole life. Watching spectacular sunrises and sunsets made her passionate about freedom. In 2010, she found herself trying her first yoga class and knew her life was forever changed. Yoga instantly found its way into her soul. Shortly after, she decided to take her practice a step further and take yoga teaching training. Anna graduated from the Sacred Space Yoga School and wanted to share her passion with others. Anna's practice helps her feel alive and free. She loves to play in arm balances and inversions-- so expect them in her classes! The playful part of yoga is just as important as it's discipline aspect-- the balance between the two makes yoga! The awareness is the balance of the body and the mind, and her goal is to help yogis bridge the gap between the two. Prepare to sweat, work and have fun on your mat!